Hospitals & Clinics

A hospital is a medical care facility that provides inpatient and outpatient treatment with expert doctors, nurses, and medical facilities. As of 2010, there were 1,002 public hospitals, and 316 private hospitals in Thailand registered under the Medical Registration Division of the Ministry of Public Health.

A “general hospital” is the most common type of hospital. It basically comes with an emergency room that deals with urgent medical cases such as victims of accidents, fire, and those who suffered a stroke or heart attack. Another type of hospital is the “specialized hospital” that includes geriatric hospitals (for seniors), children’s hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, trauma centers, and hospitals intended for specific health needs such as psychiatric hospitals (for treating psychiatric conditions). Usually, specialized hospitals charge lower than general hospitals.

A “district hospital” is another type of hospital, which refers to the primary medical care institute in its region, with a high quantity of beds for its intensive care units, and more beds for patients that need to be admitted.