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Welcome to Ogocare, the first and largest medical directory in Thailand, and a pioneer in medical service marketing in Southeast Asia.

Ogocare is an online medical listing service dedicated to providing detailed, up-to-date and well-presented essential information about hospitals, clinics, insurances, and medical treatments. Our website lists over 2,000 Clinics and Hospitals across Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and other regions in Thailand. With Ogocare, you can discover the best medical facilities, and treatments, while getting first-hand access to the most reliable and trustworthy information about amenities, services, office hours, map directions, phone numbers, photos and more. Our services are dedicated to everyone, from Thai locals and expats to international visitors. Contact us now and find out more about medical treatments and services available at the best hospitals and clinics across Thailand.

Meet our Team: 

Our team of international, multi-lingual online marketing specialists, ranging from expertise in medical clinic management to web and graphic design, give us the tools provide both our clients and associated hospitals/clinics with a wide assortment of services.

About Us: 

Ogocare is the first and only website that gathers information on medical facilities across the country to make it easier for the customers to find the services they look for. Headquartered in Bangkok, Ogocare has years of experience in online marketing and is one of the few websites leading the healthcare service information sector in Thailand. Our website offers information that puts 300 private hospitals and 2,000 clinics across the Kingdom at your disposal. This list grows every month as we continue to expand our contacts and services in the medical sector in Thailand.

Why Ogocare?

Ogocare oughts to be the first website to list every medical institution, and some of the best, to make it easier for the medical treatment seekers. Not only the customers will be able to find a clinic or hospital but they will also find every information they want on the website without further researches needed.

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