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New Premium Clinic : The Viva Clinic – Health & Beauty

Ogocare is proud to present its newest Chonburi clinic in the field of health and beauty: The Viva Clinic. This Chonburi aesthetic center offers a comprehensive list of health and beauty treatments provided by an expert team of medical professionals.

Viva Clinic specializes in both holistic care and beauty enhancement procedures, ranging from acne and dermatitis to anti-aging and weight control programs.

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With the safety and well-being of customers being the utmost concern, the Viva Clinic guarantees the use of only the highest quality products and the latest medical technologies.

Using the latest technology, the expert staff at Viva Clinic take care of their patients during every step of the way, ensuring safety and customer satisfaction.

Viva Clinic is specialized in the following fields:

  • A range of dermatological solutions, including Lasers, Ultherapy, IPL, Facial Treatments, and Radiofrequency
  • Health restoration : including Multi-Vitamin treatments, Chelation Therapy, and Liver Detox
  • Botox, Fillers, Facial Threads, Growth Factor, and Detox Treatments
  • Cell Therapy (also called cellular therapy or cytotherapy) –  used to address facial rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment, and for correcting volume deficiencies and bumps and dents in skin tone and suppleness.
  • Weight control programs – natural dietary supplements and ‘Lipo Fat’ liposuction treatments
  • Cosmetic surgery, including surgical and nonsurgical procedures that reshape and improve body appearance

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The Viva Clinic provides personalized service and tailor-made treatments that cater to each individual customer’s needs. Every patient is different, and every patient deserves individualized care and attention that only experienced professional medical staff can provide.

To learn more about the range of treatments available and to book your appointment, visit The Viva Clinic at

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