Ogocare was launched in 2012 under the Thai company, Supersogo CO LTD. Supersogo was established by a French web-marketer and a Thai national with years of experience in the country’s burgeoning medical tourism field.

Today, our international team includes a growing blend of web and graphic designers, SEO experts, content managers and business developers. Our diverse team of employees are all based at our headquarters in central Bangkok.


Our mission is to help patients find the suitable clinic or hospital for the treatment they require, by offering access to the best and most useful medical information in Thailand.

Thanks to the commitment of our dedicated team, Ogocare allows our clients to make informed decisions for their medical needs.


We believe in a world where patients are able to make informed and personal decisions on where and when to get treated, not unlike how consumers nowadays decide which new car to buy.

You should be able to shop around and get first-hand reviews and helpful quotations before you decide on your medical treatment. Not to mention, have access to a dedicated individual at your disposal that’s there to answer any questions you have.

Successful clinics have begun to recognize that the average patient is evolving.

Medical patients are now empowered consumers, who desire a world where clinics provide accurate and pertinent information, as well as excellent customer care.

Ogocare aims to be a global leader in patient experience for the healthcare sector, connecting the right customers with the right clinics – while providing all the necessary tools and information a patient needs to make an informed choice.


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