Everybody wants to hit two birds with one stone during their diet. Losing weight while saving money is perhaps the dream scenario for every person. People who are trying to lose weight would be more than willing to trade in their stubborn and extra fats for some coins.

However, selling fats in exchange for money is a bit of a stretch and most probably impossible. But don’t be discouraged yet! There are other ways to effectively save money and lose weight at the same time.

A lot of people fail to realize that minor changes in your lifestyle can significantly help you save up and slim down. In this article, we will list down different ways to fatten up your savings while trimming down your weight.

Bid farewell to your morning coffee

Most of us are under the idea that coffee keeps us sane and productive throughout the day. A lot of people have gotten so used to drinking coffee in the morning that it has become a habit extremely hard to change for them.

Bidding farewell to your morning coffee is never easy, especially if you’re the kind who drinks them on a daily basis. But with perseverance and enough determination, it can be done.

Coffees, particularly lattes, are priced at $2 or more apiece. Sometimes people request for a different kind of milk like soy, almond, or coconut, which costs more than regular milk.

The smallest cup of latte usually contains 120 calories, which means you’re consuming at least 3,360 calories per month if you drink coffee every single morning.

And that only counts if you’re drinking the small cup. Imagine the amount of money you can save and the calories you can dodge just by skipping your morning coffee.

You’d be able to save at least $56 a month while avoiding 3,000 calories.


Forget your gym membership, choose jogging

Gym memberships can be very costly. Prices differ depending on the longevity and inclusions of the membership.

Monthly membership passes are typically at $60, and this might change if you choose to have a trainer. A frugal alternative for this is to simply choose running over going to the gym.

The only thing you’ll need to pay for is sports gear like running shoes, running shorts, etc., if you don’t already have them. You may find it difficult to get into at first, but you’ll get used to it, little by little.

To this day, running or jogging is still a highly-effective way of burning a lot of calories. As a matter of fact, several studies found that jogging for 45 minutes can burn at least 450 calories for a person who weighs at least 160lbs.

This can change depending on the person’s weight and running speed.

Instead of investing in high protein snacks, make them yourself

For most of us, investing in high protein snacks doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

And it really isn’t, these snacks are proven healthy and are great replacements for regular snacks that contain processed sugar, sodium, and whatnot.

However, these snacks can be very costly for their volume. So if you have the extra time, you may want to resort to making your own protein snacks.

While some ingredients may cost just as much as protein snacks, you’ll definitely get more for what you paid for. Apart from that, you’ll also be in total control of all the ingredients that go into your snack.

Cycle your way to your office

If you don’t have a car and always commute your way to your office, you may want to try cycling, too. You’ll not only save money but also lose a lot of calories.

Studies show that biking for 5 miles at a speed of 13-15mph can burn at least 250 calories within 30 minutes. And this can double up by biking to and from work.

Imagine the calories you would burn in one month by doing this on the regular. You can burn up to 5,000 calories and save a tremendous amount of money in one month.

Not only that, you can contribute to the betterment of the environment and help prevent air pollution by not playing a part in carbon monoxide emissions.


Quit drinking alcoholic beverages

The pressure that multiple tasks and deadlines instill upon us is real. There are moments wherein the stress becomes overwhelming.

So overwhelming that we choose to drink the negative forces away. Oftentimes, we know full-well that we’re going to regret this decision, with some of us even regretting it in real time, and yet we still choose to do it.

The following morning, we wake up and refuse to accept the reality that you really splurged on alcohol on impulse. You realize that you not only made a dent in your bank account but also gained a lot of calories and possibly a headache, too.

Instead of consuming alcohol to deal with stress, choose other stress-relieving methods. Examples are breathing exercises and watching feel-good films.

Cutting down on alcohol not only saves you money and calories, but it also saves you from headaches and added stress.

It can be really tough to totally let go of alcohol, but you can most definitely limit your intake until you slowly get used to drinking only small amounts of it. Try to trade alcohol for apple cider vinegar, you will that your diet will go much better.

Make your own lunch

This will require a little more effort but once you notice the difference, it will be worth it. Making your own lunch means you’re going to have to wake up a little earlier than usual in order to prepare your packed meal.

The positive side of this is you’ll no longer succumb to temptations during lunch breaks. More often than not, people who don’t pack their own lunch boxes end up splurging on multiple foods that tend to be high in calorie count.

Eating too many high-calorie foods can drastically affect your overall productivity. Healthy meals usually cost around $7 and at times it’s not enough to fill you in.

So it is best to be in charge of making your own meals. This will help you learn how to budget and at the same time, you’ll get to choose all the nutrients that will go into your lunch.

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