If you suddenly experience diarrhea, you might panic right away. You won’t be able to focus on the things you need to do.

You would just want to immediately relieve yourself as discreetly as possible. The problem is a private restroom is not always available immediately.

Having to go through diarrhea can be embarrassing especially when you are outside. However, aside from the emotional and mental effects, the physical effects of diarrhea can also be unfavorable.

Usually, if you have to expel your stools numerous times in one day, you will feel drained, weak, and dehydrated after.

Oftentimes, diarrhea is also accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, dehydration, nausea, and fever.

This article would discuss some techniques to get rid of diarrhea and its discomfort naturally.

What causes diarrhea?

Before we talk about the natural treatments for diarrhea, let us first talk about its causes.

  • Intestinal disease – if you have an underlying intestinal disease such as irritable bowel syndrome, you might experience recurring diarrhea.
  • Unclean water – If you drink water that is contaminated, you could get diarrhea. Even if it’s not contaminated though, it can still cause diarrhea if it’s foreign to you. For example, you moved to a new place and the water there is different from the one your body is used to.
  • Allergies to certain foods – if your body does not want to accept food because you’re allergic to it, then it is your body’s natural response to release this food, which can trigger diarrhea.

How to treat diarrhea naturally

The following are some of the steps you can take to treat diarrhea naturally:

Do not consume dairy products

Let’s admit it. Almost everyone loves dairy.

This includes cheese, butter, milk, ice cream, and more. They taste delicious and make everything else you put them on or add them to taste even better.

However, dairy products can make your diarrhea worse. Thus, you should stay away from any dairy products for the duration of your diarrhea.

If you are lactose-intolerant, then the more that you should avoid any dairy products.

You may resume consumption of dairy products after your diarrhea has disappeared unless, as mentioned earlier, if you are lactose-intolerant.

Consume lots of bananas

When you were still a child and you suffered diarrhea, you’ve probably heard your mom or your grandma tell you to eat a banana. This is actually true.

Bananas are very high in pectin, a substance that can help in stopping diarrhea and many other stomach problems. You can eat bananas on their own as snacks or you can eat it together with oatmeal or Greek yogurt.

It should be noted though that for bananas to help with diarrhea, you have to eat the ripe ones. Eating an unripe banana can actually trigger an upset stomach as it is hard to digest.

Drink chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is known to be effective in helping relieve diarrhea. It works by calming the upset parts of your stomach to stop diarrhea in its tracks as early as possible.

To try this method, you will need drinking water, a lemon, and chamomile tea. Soak the tea in the hot water and brew it for a couple of minutes.

Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to the chamomile tea to make it taste better. You may also add a bit of honey if you want.

Here is also an additional suggestion: if you are not exactly fond of teas, you can just actually drink lemon water. Just slice one whole lemon and infuse the lemon slices in one liter of water.

Drink this lemon-infused water instead of regular drinking water. This will help lessen the stomach pain resulting from diarrhea.

Drink plenty of water and consume clear liquids

The simplest thing you can do to help relieve diarrhea is to drink plenty of water. This is very important, yet it is also often overlooked.

The normal intake of water should be eight glasses per day. However, if you have diarrhea, you should increase your water intake to ten glasses, or more, of water per day.

This is to prevent you from being dehydrated. If you do not want to drink so much water, you can compensate this by consuming other clear liquids such as broths or soups.

Just make sure to include healthy ingredients in your broth or soup.

Make and consume carrot soup

You probably know carrots as the ultimate vegetable for healthy eyesight. However, carrots are not only good for that purpose.

Rather, they contain plenty of nutrients that are proven to treat diarrhea quickly and help your body recuperate better.

To make carrot soup, just chop some carrots and mix them together with half a cup of water. Bring to a boil, and add a bit of salt and pepper to make the soup taste better.

You may also use broth in place of the water for a better-tasting soup. Consume this soup every day even after diarrhea has already subsided for a more lasting effect.

Alternatively, you can also make pure carrot juice instead. Just take a couple of carrots, peel the skin off, and process them through a juicer.

You may drink the pure carrot juice as it is, or you can add a bit of honey if you want it to taste better. You may also juice other fruits to go with the carrots such as apples.

This is unbelievably healthy because as opposed to cooking the carrots, you are keeping all the enzymes alive by choosing to juice them.

Consume yogurt

We have previously mentioned to stay away from dairy products and yet recommend you to eat yogurt.  It is simply because it contains plenty of good bacteria that are very effective in helping relieve diarrhea quickly.

You can easily counterbalance the sour taste of the yogurt by including plenty of fruits such as bananas and strawberries.

Again, go for plain or Greek yogurt. Do not choose the pre-flavored ones.

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