A pregnancy test is a quick, easy, and affordable method to determine if you are pregnant. It is also highly accurate, and easily accessible.

They are easy to find in pharmacies, grocery stores, and drug stores. Although they are pretty accurate it is still preferable to confirm with your doctor.

Where can I buy one?

As mentioned, the majority of grocery stores, pharmacies, drug stores, and some convenience stores sell pregnancy tests. Some health centers even give out pregnancy test kits for free.

You may also request one from your community clinic, doctor, or nurse but you should be cautious with health centers as there are plenty of fake clinics known as crisis pregnancy centers.

These centers give out pregnancy test kits for free and claim to help and offer medical information about pregnancy. However, they are operated by individuals who may not be legitimate healthcare providers and will not give you all the facts and discuss all the available options.

Usually, these centers are located near genuine family planning health centers and medical clinics and often named similarly. This is so that people would be confused and tricked into going into their centers.

When is the right time to take a pregnancy test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is if you have missed a period. The earlier you determine if you are pregnant, the more time you have to evaluate your options, plan your next steps, and get the necessary medical care.

A lot of pregnancy test brands claim that they can already tell if you’re pregnant or not, even a couple of days prior to a missed period. Taking the test during this time would yield less accurate results.

Some tests, on the other hand, are able to detect pregnancy hormones as early as ten days after you had unprotected sexual intercourse.

But again, results for tests taken during this time are not very accurate. It is possible to get an incorrect result, therefore the pregnancy test should always be double checked.

If your menstrual cycle is irregular, the ideal time to take a pregnancy test is three weeks after having unprotected sexual intercourse.

Are pregnancy tests accurate?

When correctly used, pregnancy test kits are highly accurate. In fact, they have a 99% accuracy. The way it works is by checking your urine sample for the presence of the HCG hormones.

HCG stands for human chronic gonadotropin. This hormone is produced by your body only during pregnancy.

As mentioned earlier, a pregnancy test kit will yield results of the highest accuracy level when you take them after a missed period, not before.

Results will be less precise if you do not follow the instructions written on the label or if the kit you used has already surpassed the expiry date.

Thus, make it a habit to read all instructions carefully and check the expiry dates before buying.

What is the next step if I test positive?

If you test positive and it has been confirmed that you are indeed pregnant, the next step is to talk to a doctor or visit a family planning health center or clinic to find out your options.

Again, be cautious when choosing your clinic or health center because there are a lot of fake clinics out there.

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