One of the most common reasons why you find it hard to sleep at night is stress. When you are stressed, you tend to overthink. Overthinking will definitely keep you awake.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you will not have enough energy for the next day. This will result in unproductivity and even more stress. It can become a never-ending cycle.

In order to effectively combat stress, we must first determine what causes it. There are a lot of factors which contribute to a person being stressed or anxious, but the most common are the following:

  • financial difficulties
  • abuse of alcohol, prescription medication, drugs, and tobacco
  • demanding personal and work schedules
  • lack of sleep
  • poor diet

You would quickly increase the likelihood of triggering serious health problems related to stress and anxiety if you fail to correctly manage the above-mentioned factors.

Financial difficulties

As the economy goes through constant change, most individuals are finding it harder and harder to come up with enough money for life’s daily necessities.

The costs of clothing, transportation, food, rent, and other living expenses are rising radically that it has become apparent that more and more individuals are becoming unable to properly take care of themselves.

Financial difficulties contribute greatly to health problems related to stress and anxiety.

Most individuals are constantly struggling between being stressed out over not having sufficient financial means to survive daily life, and then, over not having the financial means to attain a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Abuse of alcohol, prescription medication, drugs, and tobacco

Do you drink, smoke, do drugs, or take prescription medication as a quick solution to help lessen the stress and anxiety you are feeling?

If yes is your answer to this question, then you need to STOP RIGHT AWAY!

The use of the above mentioned harmful substances will actually trigger more discomfort and pain not just on your body, but also on your brain.

Yes, taking these substances might temporarily relieve stress and anxiety but once the effect of these wears out, you will immediately feel more stressed and anxious than you were before you took these substances.

This is because every time you drink, do drugs, or smoke, your brain, and body begin to depend more and more and the said substances in order to stay calm and more tranquil.

The cycle will not stop. You get stressed, you depend on these substances, you feel good for a while, you get stressed again, and the cycle goes on.

There will never be an end. In addition, these substances contribute deeply to the deterioration of the immune system and cell reproduction of your body.

When you fail to continuously feed your brain and body with these harmful substances that your body is now addicted to, your body will crave them.

When your body craves, harmful chemicals are released by your brain into your body which triggers fatigue, more stress and anxiety, and unpredictable moods.

Thus, a stressed or anxious person should restrict and, if possible, discontinue his or her consumption of these substances as much as possible.

Demanding personal and work schedules

Every day, our lives become busier and more and more demanding.

We come to the realization that we just do not have sufficient time to finish all the responsibilities and duties we have to ourselves and our family, as well as the tasks other individuals put upon us.

With not enough time every day to finish what is required, expected, and demanded of us, we find our levels of anxiety and stress catapulting to the top.


Lack of sleep

Sleeping is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities a person can engage in. Getting enough sleep recharges your drained body and puts you automatically in a good mood.

To be successful in handling stress and anxiety, it is vital to control and maintain a correct sleeping pattern. It is very important that you get enough sleep. If eight to ten hours of sleep is not possible, at least get some sleep.

Some very busy and work-consumed people go without sleeping for days. This is very detrimental both physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

Lack of sleep, combined with stress and anxiety, is like a bomb that can explode any minute.

Not getting enough sleep every night or for many nights due to stress and anxiety can boost a person’s chance of becoming quickly irritated and restless, resulting also in mood swings.

Poor diet

It has been shown by studies that poor diet is the topmost factor that contributes to stress and anxiety.

All of us need to work longer and harder every time. People are finding it hard to find enough money and time to take care of their personal health properly.

In fact, they are becoming less informed about the requirements for optimal health, and simply do not have enough money or time to plan or prepare for a nutritious and healthy diet.

Due to this alone, a lot of individuals are developing grave health problems connected to poor nutrition.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above mentioned, it is very likely that you are feeling stressed out, and it will only get worse unless you do something about it.

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